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Why go with Dotsquares for Salesforce?

We are Salesforce registered partners

Salesforce solutions across any industry or cloud....

Team of certified & experienced Salesforce Developers and Administrators

Ready to use custom made solutions on AppExchange

Hands on experience with Salesforce classic and lightening

Expertise in Salesforce Implementation, Development, Consulting, Support, Maintenance and Integration.

Analytics Cloud

A Business platform that turns the entire sphere of your businesses with the insights that boost growth and productivity. Einstein Analytics that helps in discovering opportunities, get predictions and stop problems.

Analytics Cloud:

Dotsquares Salesforce Analytics Cloud- a strong, cloud-based analytics program developed to help medium-sized businesses and large enterprises implement rapid, iterative exploration of data along with the results displayed in the layers of dynamic visualization.

  • Reveals relevant trends and drops in productivity and also lets the team know why and how everything has happened.
  • Delivers data analytics using an engine that is built based on our platform.
  • Strong and reliable platform providing business with encrypted data in accordance with the highest security standards.
  • Suitable for large and complex enterprises.
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