Route Optimizer Benefits

Say good bye to the complexity of route planning and scheduling efficiently with Route Optimizer. This helps planners to overview all the points and the centre point in order to analyse all the points and at last shows the best route comprising of all of the destinations to be covered. Using this software is beneficial in many ways:


Thanks to automation for efficient route planning and scheduling. It further helps in reducing planning time, use of planners strategically and improvised customer service.


Using Route Optimizer software helps in quick analyses of the route details and schedule the plan according to the best suitable route.


Customization is available, wherein you can choose the start point, end point and the other points you have to cover in that particular day. Rote optimizer will provide you with the route that is easy and fastest of all the routes known to you.

Why Route Optimizer?

Take charge of the routes and conquer your day with Route Optimizer. Pick up the centre point, enter start point, endpoints and the other points from your contacts that are to be covered in a day to get your customized route on the go. Our app is battle-tested and is relied on by thousands of our businesses every day. This app provides the best route that includes all your targeted locations. This application with lots of advanced features can be downloaded from Dotsquares’s AppExchange. Route Optimizer is an application that ensures saving your time, making your visit hassle-free. Download Route Optimizer now for a distinct experience.


Click on ‘Optimize your Route’ under the system menu.

Add a centre point by adding the desired details. This will let the system know about your location.


Select the starting point, way points and end point.

This helps server to know the way the route has to be optimized for.


Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

So that you server can know the details to plan your route accordingly.